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    Power, Corruption & Lies by New Order

    1: Factory Records, 1983

    2: London Records, 1993

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bajza_06 by aranyfacan on Flickr.


    bajza_06 by aranyfacan on Flickr.

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Curb at the end of the world.


    Curb at the end of the world.

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    Dracula - Dr. Strange - Wolfsbane - Bill Sienkiewicz


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    Jon Foster

    1. Nine Tailed Fox, digital book cover
    2. Bridge of Birds, digital book cover
    3. Dog Boy, digital book cover
    4. Flow, digital 
    5. Squid and Me, digital, images posted with permission of the artist

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Jean Michel Basquiat


    Jean Michel Basquiat

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    The latest masterworks…

    The first one depicts a man stuck inside because he can’t find the pipe that Phia used to escape. She is at the end of the pipe. Oh, and it’s rainbow colored but she just drew it black.

    The second is just a flower in some grass.

    And the last one, a present for gramma CJ, is Phia bungee jumping!

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*** by Justin Wolfe on Flickr.